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Zest Mortgage Brokers can help with finding mortgages for first time buyers, home movers and more alongside protection and insurance. Although our Head Office is based in Weston-super-Mare we also cover Bristol, Bath, Burnham-on-Sea, Bridgwater, Portishead, Taunton, Wells and the surrounding areas. 

Not every person is the same which is why Zest offers a full financial review looking at your mortgage and insurance making sure that you have the most suitable deal on the market, the right option for you and the right protection in place.

Please try our mortgage calculator to get an idea of the monthly payments you may need to pay for the mortgage you require.


Think carefully before securing debt against your home, your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on conveyancing, some buy to let mortgages, bridging finance and commercial mortgages.

Commercial mortgages are available by referral only.

  • You are now departing from the regulatory site of JC Mortgage Brokers. Neither JC Mortgage Brokers nor Quilter Financial Planning are responsible for the accuracy of the information contained within the linked site.

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As someone who has never owned a home before, about to take their first step onto the property ladder, this is probably the biggest purchase you are ever going to make.

Whether you have done your research and have a good understanding on the house buying process, or you are a complete novice in need of a little hand-holding, we are here to help you, so as soon as you’re thinking of taking the step be sure to get in touch and we will guide you through the entire process, from helping you establish how much you can borrow, and the maximum house price for you, to an agreement in principle and submitting your mortgage application. We will even help with choosing solicitors and be there to support you right through until you are holding the keys to your first home.

We want to ensure you are able to enjoy every moment because, let’s face it, you’re only a first time buyer once!

first time buyers
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Are you looking to add to your rental property portfolio, or a first-time landlord wanting to take a jump into the rental property market?

No matter how experienced you are in the minefield that is Buy to Let, we are here to guide you through the process and most importantly find you the most suitable deal on the market to suit your plans.

Buy to Let
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Is the fixed rate on your current mortgage due to end in the next 6 months and you are a little unsure on what to do next? You have a few options available to you and here is where we can help.

We are here to advise you on the right option for you and then make it our mission to find you the most competitive deal on the market. Whether that be a product transfer with your current lender or a remortgage to a new lender, we are here to help you with every step of the process, so you do not have to do a thing.

re mortgages
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Capital raising is quite simply a way to top up your borrowing when your current deal has yet to end in order to release funds for other purposes, the most common being for home improvements or to consolidate existing debts.

This is always something worth discussing with a mortgage broker like ourselves so that we can help you assess your options before you make any decisions. So if this is something you are looking into, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

capital raising
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Buying a home is likely to be the biggest purchase you will ever make, and therefore the biggest financial commitment you will ever have. Everyone is very much aware that you need home insurance in place when buying a home, but there is also another important thing to protect… Yourself. 

Life insurance is quite simply a cash sum paid if you die whilst covered by the policy, either in the form of a lump sum or monthly income for your family. This can be used to repay your mortgage or cover the important bills still in place, giving those you leave behind the peace of mind that, even in difficult times, financially they will be OK.

Critical Illness Cover 

A critical illness policy will pay out a lump sum if you, or any children you have, are diagnosed with an illness covered by the insurer, with so many illnesses being covered including but not limited to:


Heart Attack



Brain Tumour

You can personalise your protection and the amount of cover you need to suit your budget, and are able to use the funds for anything you please. From repaying debts such as a mortgage, to covering the cost of any treatments / adjustments to your home, or even towards a holiday break you have always dreamt of. Not only this, if you recover from your illness you do not have to pay the funds back.

We understand how important it is to maintain your independence in the event of illness, so we are here to help with your protection planning.

life & critical illness insurance
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If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, your employer will pay you sick pay for a certain length of time, usually just a few months. After this point you will need to claim statutory sick pay, which really isn’t much at all and, let’s face it, not enough to cover all the normal household bills. On top of this, if you are self employed you won’t have an employer to pay you any sick pay initially. Here is where income protection insurance can help you.

Income protection insurance will pay you a regular tax free monthly income, up to 60% of your usual income, if you can’t work because of illness or injury, and will continue until you return to work or retire before you’re able to go back, meaning you can fully focus on your recovery rather than worrying about how you will pay your bills.

income protection
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Owning a property is no doubt one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so it is especially important to know you have sufficient insurance in place to protect it. We are passionate about helping you through every step of the process, so whether you are buying your first/new home, remortgaging, or your existing cover elsewhere is simply due for renewal, we will set up your home insurance for you. 


With home insurance, there are a few different types of cover available, the two most common being buildings insurance to cover any damage to the structure of your property, such as the walls, foundations, and the roof. The second being contents insurance to cover your soft furnishings and personal possessions from fire theft damage or loss.


You can take these covers as individual policies, for example if you lived in a flat or rental accommodation you may only require contents insurance. However you can also take them as a combined policy with both buildings and contents cover, which usually tends to be the most cost effective option. 


On top of this, if you are a landlord with a buy to let property, we can assist you with landlords insurance. Better yet, we can assist with any optional extras to suit you and your budget, such as accidental damage, personal possessions away from the home, home emergency cover and legal expenses. 

building and contents
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Not all lending is straight forward when it comes to specialist projects and high street banks can’t always offer the right types of lending to get the job done.


Depending on what you are looking to do we have access to lenders that look at things slightly different on a case by case basis. Should you be building your own home converting a building or have a quirky property that needs to be financed we have lenders that can look to help it situations that don’t always look possible.


Commercial and Bridging finance is by referral

commercial lending
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